*Secs. 42-83 to 42-184 cited. 201 C. 89.

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Chapter 731 Secs. 42-1 to 42-76 The Sales Act (Repealed)
Chapter 732 Secs. 42-77 to 42-82 Sales of Personal Property on Condition (Repealed)
Chapter 733 Secs. 42-83 to 42-100a Retail Installment Sales Financing (See Chapter 669, Part XI)
Chapter 733a Secs. 42-100b to 42-100c Retail Credit Transaction Statement Errors
Chapter 734 Secs. 42-101 to 42-103 Bulk Sales (Repealed)
Chapter 734a Secs. 42-103a to 42-103v Regulation of Apartment Listing Services
Chapter 734b Secs. 42-103w to 42-103ddd Time Shares
Chapter 735 Secs. 42-104 to 42-110 Fair Trade Act (Repealed)
Chapter 735a Secs. 42-110a to 42-110q Unfair Trade Practices
Chapter 735b Secs. 42-110r to 42-110z Repair of Consumer Goods
Chapter 735c Secs. 42-110aa to 42-110ll Refund, Exchange and Discount Policies and Practices
Chapter 736 Secs. 42-111 to 42-115u Unfair Sales Practices
Chapter 737 Secs. 42-116 to 42-116j Unfair Photographic Sales Practices
Chapter 737a Secs. 42-116k to 42-116o Artist-Art Dealer Consignments
Chapter 737b Secs. 42-116p to 42-116r Dies, Molds and Forms
Chapter 737c Secs. 42-116s to 42-116z Art Preservation and Artists' Rights
Chapter 737d Sec. 42-116aa Performing and Recording Group Rights
Chapter 738 Secs. 42-117 to 42-125 Assignment of Choses in Action (Repealed)
Chapter 738a Secs. 42-125a to 42-125z Foreign Discriminatory Boycotts
Chapter 738b Secs. 42-125aa to 42-125cc Consumer Layaway Plans
Chapter 739 Secs. 42-126 to 42-133mm Trading Stamps, Mail Orders, Franchises, Credit Programs and Subscriptions
Chapter 740 Secs. 42-134 to 42-143 Home Solicitation Sales Act
Chapter 741 Secs. 42-144 to 42-150t Contingent Transactions
Chapter 741c Secs. 42-150u to 42-150z Liquidated Damages Provisions in Consumer Contracts
Chapter 741d Secs. 42-150aa to 42-150bb Attorney's Fee Clauses
Chapter 742 Secs. 42-151 to 42-158 Consumer Contracts
Chapter 742a Secs. 42-158a to 42-158h Noncommercial Motor Vehicle Lease Agreements (Repealed)
Chapter 742b Secs. 42-158i to 42-158z Construction Contracts
Chapter 742c Sec. 42-158aa Refuse Removal or Disposal Contracts
Chapter 743 Secs. 42-159 to 42-169 Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 743a Secs. 42-170 to 42-178 Bulk Transfers by Restaurants and Other Food-Dispensing Establishments (Repealed)
Chapter 743b Secs. 42-179 to 42-199 New Automobile Warranties
Chapter 743c Secs. 42-200 to 42-209 Funeral Service Contracts
Chapter 743d Secs. 42-210 to 42-214 Gray Market Merchandise
Chapter 743e Secs. 42-215 to 42-219 Rainchecks
Chapter 743f Secs. 42-220 to 42-226a Used Automobile Warranties
Chapter 743g Secs. 42-227 to 42-229 Automobile Manufacturers' Warranty Adjustment Programs
Chapter 743h Secs. 42-230 to 42-239 Profiteering
Chapter 743i Secs. 42-240 to 42-259 Consumer Rent-to-Own Agreements
Chapter 743j Secs. 42-260 to 42-269 Extended and Express Warranties
Chapter 743k Secs. 42-270 to 42-279 Long-Term Leasing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 743l Secs. 42-280 to 42-283 Diet Programs
Chapter 743m Secs. 42-284 to 42-294 Telemarketing
Chapter 743n Secs. 42-295 to 42-309 Sweepstakes
Chapter 743o Secs. 42-310 to 42-319 Buying Clubs
Chapter 743p Secs. 42-320 to 42-329 Social Referral Services
Chapter 743q Secs. 42-330 to 42-344 Assistive Technology Devices
Chapter 743r Secs. 42-345 to 42-354 Farm, Forestry, Yard and Garden Equipment Dealers and Suppliers
Chapter 743s Secs. 42-355 to 42-359 New Emergency Vehicle Warranties
Chapter 743t Secs. 42-360 to 42-369 Dry Cleaning
Chapter 743u Secs. 42-370 to 42-389 Miscellaneous Consumer Cards
Chapter 743aa Secs. 42-390 to 42-449 Consumer Leases
Chapter 743bb Secs. 42-450 to 42-459 Rental of Trucks for the Transportation of Personal Property
Chapter 743cc Secs. 42-460 to 42-469 Gift Certificates and Prepaid Cards
Chapter 743dd Secs. 42-470 to 42-479 Protection of Social Security Numbers and Personal Information
Chapter 743ee Sec. 42-480 Income Tax Refund Anticipation Loans
Chapter 743ff Secs. 42-481 to 42-489 Sales Representatives' Commissions
Chapter 743gg Secs. 42-490 to 42-499 Contracts Between Health Care Providers and Contracting Entities
Chapter 743hh Secs. 42-500 to 42-510 Commercial Leases: General Provisions
Chapter 743ii Sec. 42-511 to 42-514 Motor Fuel Industry Market Concentration
Chapter 743jj Sec. 42-515 to 42-530 Consumer Data Privacy and Online Monitoring
Chapters 743kk to 746 Sec. 42-531 to 42-899 Reserved for Future Use.
Chapters 747 Sec. 42-900 to 42-901 Miscellaneous Provisions
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