TITLE 36a*


*“The Banking Law of Connecticut” and former title 36 cited. 230 C. 486.

Chapter 664 Secs. 36a-1 to 36a-9 General Statement and Definitions
Chapter 664a Secs. 36a-10 to 36a-69 Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 664b Secs. 36a-70 to 36a-124 Corporate Organization and Administration of Connecticut Banks
Chapter 664c Secs. 36a-125 to 36a-249 Fundamental Changes Involving Banks, Branches, Automated Teller Machines, Virtual Banking and Bank Holding Companies
Chapter 665 Secs. 36a-250 to 36a-289 Powers, Loans and Investments
Chapter 665a Secs. 36a-290 to 36a-349 Deposits
Chapter 665b Secs. 36a-350 to 36a-409 Fiduciary Powers
Chapter 666 Secs. 36a-410 to 36a-434 Out-of-State Banks
Chapter 666a Secs. 36a-434a to 36a-434d Out-of-State Trust Companies
Chapter 667 Secs. 36a-435 to 36a-484 Credit Unions
Chapter 668 Secs. 36a-485 to 36a-644 Nondepository Financial Institutions
Chapter 669 Secs. 36a-645 to 36a-860a Regulated Activities
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