Honor Guard

Honor Guard

The Connecticut State Capitol Police Department (SCPD) Honor Guard is a ceremonial unit comprised of volunteer officers who have committed themselves to the time and training required for this specialized duty. They are highly respected for their attention to detail and precision in representing the SCPD and all its members.

The Honor Guard represents the SCPD at funerals and other ceremonial events, with the highest honor, respect and integrity. Members will train in-house to become elite professionals worthy of representing the SCPD in drill, casket guard, presentation of colors, parade march, civic events and other duties appropriate to their position.

Honor Guard Commander:

Lieutenant Jonathan Sylvester: 

Honor Guard Supervisor:

Sergeant Timothy Boyle: 

Honor Guards:

Sergeant Barter
Sergeant Boyle
Corporal Sinatro
Corporal Wilson
Officer Reynolds
Officer First Class Tranter
Officer First Class Zaniewski

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