Building Evacuation

  • If you see the fire strobes flashing, remain calm and prepare to evacuate the building. If evacuation is required, the sirens will sound and an announcement will be made with instructions to evacuate.
  • Once you are out, move away from the buildings. At the LOB this means proceed into Minuteman Park. In inclement weather continue across the street to the Emanuel Lutheran Church on Capitol Ave. across from the park.
  • At the State Capitol, you must move to either Bushnell Park or toward the State Library, depending on which side you exit from the building. If you come out of the north (Bushnell Park side) and east side (Trinity St.) exits, proceed toward the Bushnell Park and if you come out of the south side (Capitol Ave.) and west sides (LOB), move to the State Library. During inclement weather, everyone from the Capitol should proceed to the State Library.
  • All the fire exits are marked with lighted RED Exit Signs.
  • All staff should know that there are three pressurized fire stairwells in the LOB. There are building floor plans next to the elevators on every floor showing the locations of these stairwells. It is important to know how to get to all three of the stairwells from your work area.
  • >At the Capitol there are two main fire stairwells from the fourth floor down to the basement and two additional fire stairs from the fifth to the fourth floor. Staff on the upper floors should exit the building on the first floor, if possible, out the north doors (Bushnell Park side). The two basement exits go outside of the Capitol building, one on the north side (park side) and one on the south side (Capitol Ave.) of the building. It is important that you know where both these stairwells and the basement exits from the building are located.

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