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The Connecticut State Capitol was opened in 1878 and cost about $2.5 million. In 1971, the United States Department of Interior registered the State Capitol as a National Historic Landmark.

In 1974, the State Legislature created the Office of the State Capitol Police. The original State Capitol Police Officers were; Charles Rival, Anthony Murphy, Daniel Blanchette, Dennis Covini, Rick Peterson, Mark Yuknat and Lawrence Callahan. The operations of the State Capitol Police were supervised by Troopers David Comp, Thomas Johnson and Richard Ziel of the Connecticut State Police under the direction of the Joint Committee of Legislative Management.

As state government increased in the early 80's the need for more office space was apparent so the Legislative Office Building (LOB) was erected on the site of the State Amory parking lot adjacent to the State Capitol. The LOB was opened in 1988 for a cost of about $61 million. With the new LOB, State Capitol, Parking garage and several other state buildings to patrol the State Capitol Police staffing levels needed to grow to accommodate the security needs of the legislature and their employees. As a result the State Capitol Police had it's biggest growth spurt between 1987 -1989 hiring close to 20 new officers.

During this time of growth the State Capitol Police were led by Sgt. David Comp of the Ct. State Police, who was appointed Chief of the department in the late 70's. Trooper Anthony Murphy served as his second in command. In 1986 Charles Rival and Lawrence Callahan, two original Capitol Police Officers, were promoted to Supervisors along with Reginald Davis. This was the command staff until Sgt. David Comp retired in the summer of 1989.

Anthony Murphy was promoted to Sgt. and replaced the retiring David Comp as head of the Capitol Police. Charles Rival was promoted to Executive Officer and Lawrence Callahan and Reginald Davis remained as supervisors. This was the leadership of the State Capitol Police until 1996 when the Legislature decided to change the status of the Capitol Police.

The department was reorganized in 1996 to be independent of the State Police. Although the Capitol Police were no longer under the control of the State Police, they retained their State wide jurisdiction and arrest powers to accommodate the diverse nature of their work. Chief Michael Whalen was hired as the department's first chief. At the time of his hiring Whalen was a practicing attorney and a retired Hartford Police Lieutenant.

Under Chief Whalen's guidance the Capitol Police experienced a rapid transformation into an independent police agency. A new radio system, new Capitol Police cruisers, updated training, a new rank structure and the beginning steps of National Accreditation are the hallmark of Chief Whalen tenure.

The department's rank structure was established in 1997. John Devine, Robert Holmgren, Paul Longo and William Morgan were the first officers promoted to the rank of sergeant.

After successfully completing a competitive exam process for the position, William Morgan was promoted to Lieutenant in 1998.

In June of 2000, Chief Whalen left the State Capitol Police to become Chief in the town of Farmington, CT.

Chief William Morgan was promoted to the position in August 2000. Robert Holmgren was appointed Lieutenant, with John Devine, Glenn Kolat and Paul Longo as the sergeants. Walter Lee was promoted as the third sergeant in August 2004.

National Accreditation was granted to the State Capitol Police by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) on March 22, 2003.

The department's first 4 bike patrol officers completed a 5 day IPMBA Police Cyclist Course on June 6, 2003. In 2005 2 more officers completed the IPMBA course bringing the total bike patrol division to 6 active members. The Bike Patrol Office was completed in 2005 making it a fully functional for repairs and storage of the bikes and equipment.

In April of 2006 the department added a new rank to its organization, Corporal. Timothy Kasek, Robert Bates, Richard Segreto, Peter Marrero, John Fabale and Matthew Kacerguis were promoted as the Departments first Corporals. Robert Arsenault was promoted to Sergeant.

On 12/1/06, Michael Fallon was sworn in as the new Chief of the State Capitol Police. He is only the third person to hold this distinction. Chief Fallon retired from the Hartford Police Department as a Assistant Chief after a stellar 23 year career.

On 2/8/08, Walter Lee was promoted to Lieutenant. Lieutenant Lee will head the Operations Division. Lt. Lee is a nine year veteran of the Connecticut State Capitol Police.

On 2/29/08, Stephen Hajdasz was sworn in as the new Operations Support Lieutenant. Lt. Hajdasz retired from the Hartford Police Department as a Captain after a 20 year career.

On 12/04/09, Chief Michael J. Fallon died after a courageous battle with cancer. Lieutenant Walter Lee was named Acting Chief of the State Capitol Police by Legislative Management.

On 06-18-2010 after a nationwide search, the Legislative Leaders confirmed Walter Lee Jr. to be the fourth Chief of Police of the State Capitol Police Department.

On 02-07-2020 after a nationwide search, the Legislative Leaders confirmed Luiz Casanova to be the fifth Chief of Police of the State Capitol Police Department.

Retired from the State Capitol Police are:

Armando Segovia
Reymundo Diaz
Gregory Wright
Jamie Axson
James Parker

Glen Richards
Jeffrey Vaccaro
Peter Lynch
Timothy Murphy

Walter Lee
Anthony Lombardi

Matthew Kacerguis

Paul Longo

Robert Bates
Pilar Marrero
Kevin Long

Timothy Kasek
Dennis O'Connell
Richard Segretto
Richard Kowaleski

Robert Holmgren
Robert Arsenault
Mark Baldwin
John Devine

Laura Fago
Michael Kopinja

Glenn Kolat
William Morgan
Gregory Miller
John Fabale

Paul Warren

Reginald Davis

Tracy Schulz

Lawrence Callahan
Robert Daley

Charles Rival

Daniel Blanchette

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