The State Capitol police currently use marked Ford Police Utility Interceptors and a Ford Expedition for patrol. The cruisers are fully equipped with lights, sirens, prisoner cages, Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) and other emergency equipment.


The dress uniform or Class A uniform consists of a tailored military blouse with full decorations. For the A Sam Brown (shoulder belt) is worn over the shoulder and connects to the duty belt.

The winter uniform or Class B uniform consists of a tailored long sleeve uniform shirt worn over a level IIA ballistic vest. Variations of the uniform may include a blue tie, or a blue turtleneck or blue shirt with open collar.

The summer uniform or Class C uniform consists of a tailored short sleeve uniform shirt worn over a level IIA ballistic vest.

Fire Detection and Alarm

The Capitol Police monitor and maintain building fire detection and alarm equipment. The police evaluate all alarms and request fire department assistance as required. If you are in one of the buildings and see the fire strobes flashing, remain calm and prepare to evacuate the building. If evacuation is required, the sirens will sound and an announcement will be made to evacuate with instructions.

COLLECT and MDT Computers

The Capitol Police make use of COLLECT/NCIC and MDT computers (Connecticut OnLine Law Enforcement Computer Terminal / National Crime Information Computers and Mobile Data Terminal). These computers are used to access police related data statewide and nationwide.

Security System

The Capitol Police monitor and maintain security equipment located throughout the complex. The system includes closed circuit video, point specific alarm points and an access system. Capitol Police communications are also recorded.

Computer Aided Dispatch and Reporting Databases

A computer network and software package is used to dispatch officers to calls and record information. Various reports are completed from the databases created by dispatch.

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