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Two Dozen Years of Landmark Policy, Proven Practice, and Return on Investment (2009)

Just some of the many initiatives undertaken by the Commission on Children since its founding in 1985

The Children's Stock Portfolio

The Commission analyzes children's policies and writes a Children's Stock Portfolio highlighting state prevention programs and policies that produce a substantial return on investment and excellent child outcomes. Learn more

Plan for Kids with Coach Calhoun

The Commission partners with Coach Jim Calhoun on the Playbook for Prevention: The Winning Game plan for Kids and Connecticut. Focused on prevention. The Playbook is a free "best seller,"distributed in the thousands. Learn more

Reading - The Key Ingredient

The Commission guides legislation to create a Reading Panel which determines the skills and knowledge needed to teach reading effectively. The Commission brings in $3 million from Congress to create reading academies. The Commission works with the National Institute of Child Development and Haskins Laboratories to create a proven training model for schools. Learn more

Finding Federal Dollars

The Commission locates funding opportunities that brings federal dollars to Connecticut, including: the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Contingency Fund, valued at $53 million; the Food Stamp Employment Training (FSET) 50/50 match fund, valued at $2.5 million; and Medicaid payment for home visitation, valued at $7 million. Learn more

Bring Parents to the Policy Table

The Commission develops a family civics initiative that teaches parents how to lead for children. The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) is in 16 cities and towns and replicated in other states .Graduates invest more than 1.5 million volunteer hours for children. Parent SEE (Parent Supporting Education Excellence) is in 9 towns. Learn more

Prevention - A Pound of Cure

The National Crime Prevention Council selects the Commission to guide Connecticut on prevention policy. Resulting from this, state leaders seek to shift 10 percent of the state budget from crisis to prevention. Learn more

Trusting Parents as Partners

Connecticut is the first state in the nation to establish a trust for parent engagement on the community level. Quality parent engagement is defined to include diversity, proven leadership training and civic tools. Philanthropy partners and matches state dollars. Learn more

Bring Back the Fathers

The Commission promotes the positive role of the father in the life of the child. The Commission works to develop a Fatherhood Initiative funded through Congressional dollars. Learn more

First Words, First Steps

A comprehensive plan is written to ensure that every child is born in good health, that the family functions and nurtures its new arrival. Harvard University rates this infant toddler report as the most comprehensive and useful of its kind in the nation. Learn more

Poverty Reduction

The Commission leads on landmark policy to reduce child poverty by 50 percent within ten years. A Child Poverty and Prevention Council is charged with specific benchmarks and outcome measures to track progress. Learn more

Vaccinate: Your Baby's Best Shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) honors Connecticut for reaching hard-to-reach children and for ranking in the top five states in vaccination rates for 12 consecutive years. The Commission is credited as a key innovator in this success, recognized for outreach to vulnerable populations. Learn more

Move to Health - Child Obesity

The Commission educates on the costs of obesity, coordinates information among ten state agencies, and connects school and health leaders to obesity prevention strategies that work. Forums yield policy and recommendations for communities and the state. Learn more

Get the Lead Out

The Commission supports legislation to eradicate lead poisoning in children and assist property owners to remediate lead hazards. New laws include: universal screening for elevated blood levels in one- and two-year-olds; and lead standards in children's toys. Learn more

School Readiness

The Commission creates an early childhood plan and template for school readiness law. The school readiness law is a comprehensive system of preschool for three- and four-year-olds with quality standards, community councils, pooled cross-agency funds, financing for building expansion, provider accreditation and regional training. Learn more

Safety and Learning

The Commission leads on anti-bullying strategies to ensure every child learns without fear. Model programs are started and dollars raised to match state investments in safe schools. An after school network is established to ensure learning and safety in non-school hours. Disney and Mott foundations partner on this effort. Learn more

Homeland Security and Children

The Commission works with children on 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, making Connecticut the only state to involve children annually in issues concerning natural and unnatural disasters. Landmark legislation is written to ensure that disaster plans include planning for children. A committee on children and crisis within Connecticut's Homeland Security Office is established. Learn more

Recognition and Honors

  • The Commission receives the Innovative Practices in State Government Award from the Ford Foundation and Good Housekeeping, presented in Washington D.C. by Congress.
  • The Commission is asked to serve as co-chair of Children and Human Services for National Conference of State Legislators.
  • The Commission serves on the New England Regional Lead Conference and is recognized for innovative policy on lead hazard reduction in housing.
  • The Commission serves on the Federal Department of Education Early Reading First Panel for implementation of research based reading instruction. Social Health Index The Commission creates the first state index in the nation looking at social health. Eleven indicators follow a 30-year trend line so the public and policy leaders can see how Connecticut is faring.
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