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Preventing Childhood Obesity
A Healthy Imperative for Connecticut’s Next Generation

A forum sponsored by the Connecticut Commission on Children,
Connecticut Department of Public Health & the Connecticut Childhood Obesity Council


Friday, November 7, 2008
Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford


Chris Dodd and Kelly BrownellCharles Chatterton and Claire SchonningKevin Washington
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Speaker Documents
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Morning Speakers
Speaker biographies

Welcoming Remarks
Dr. J. Robert Galvin, Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health
Senator Mary Ann Handley, Co-Chair of the General Assembly Public Health Committee

Is There the Courage to Change the American Diet?
Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., Director of the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Hartford Courant op-ed, AJPH article on labeling law, Rudd Report, San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Seattle Post-Intelligencer op-ed, Soft drink paper, Sydney Principles article

No Child Left Inside
Gina McCarthy, Connecticut Commissioner of Environmental Protection

Commissioner McCarthy asked that her PowerPoint presentation not be posted online. She refers people instead to the DEP's No Child Left Inside website.

Calorie Labeling in New York City Restaurants
Thomas Merrill, General Counsel, New York City Health Department

PowerPoint presentation

Calorie decision, Calorie posters, JAMA article on food safety, New York City health code, AJPH article on purchasing behavior

Shape Up Somerville
Jeanne Goldberg, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Rising Childhood Obesity Rates Are a Medical Emergency
U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd

Morning Response Panel
Speaker biographies

Action for Healthy Kids State Team
Charles Chatterton, Governor’s Committee on Physical Fitness

Action for Healthy Kids: National and Local Perspective

Norwalkers & Fodor Farm: Policy Impact
Richard Moccia, Mayor of Norwalk

Community Coalitions & Primer on Policies
Jennifer McTiernan, New Haven Food Policy Council

Seattle/King County food policy, NHFPC School Policy Primer, New Haven Food Policy Council ordinance

Nutrition Title Farm Bill
Lucy Nolan, End Hunger Connecticut

2007 School Breakfast Report Card, Report Card insert: Participation, SNAP fact sheet in English, SNAP fact sheet in Spanish, CECH Action Plan, Article on hunger and obesity, Nutrition Title Farm Bill

Catch the Drive: A Youth-led Initiative
Claire Schonning, Ridgefield

Health & Fitness
Kevin Washington, YMCA of Greater Hartford

America on the Move Quick Start Guide, Healthy Family Home Starter Kid

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Panelist biographies

Panel A: The Home Environment/ Early Childhood Nutrition

Preconceptional Nutrition
Rafael Perez-Escamilla, University of Connecticut, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences

Breastfeeding: Protective Effects
Susan Jackman, Connecticut Department of Public Health

PowerPoint presentation, Suggested websites on breastfeeding (Word document)

Family Approaches and Tips for Parenting
Colleen Thompson, University of Connecticut, Department Of Nutritional Sciences

PowerPoint slides, My Pyramid tips for families

The Parent-School Connection
Janine Campisi DiNatale, Wellness Across America

Wellness Across America newsletter

Panel B: The School Environment

Promoting Healthy Food at School:
An Update on Department of Education Policies and Programs
Cheryl Resha, Ed.D., RN, Health Promotion Consultant,
Connecticut Department of Education

PowerPoint presentation, School districts implementing Healthy Food Certification, CSH guidelines

School Wellness Policy Report: Summary, Nutrition Education, School Meals, Other School Foods & Beverages, Physical Education, Physical Activity, Communication Promotion, Evaluation.

School Wellness Policies
Kathy Henderson, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
Mary Ann Lopez, Food Service Director, South Windsor Public Schools

Nutrition Education through Service Learning
Margaret E. Gaughan, Ph.D., Saint Joseph College & Marissa Cloutier, University of Hartford

Nutrition Service Learning Poster

Panel C: The Community Environment

Food Security: Corner Stores
Katie Martin, University of Connecticut, Center for Public Health & Health Policy

The Connecticut Farm-to-School Program
Jane Slupecki, Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Community Food Systems and Healthy Eating
Jennifer McTiernan, City Seed

Plow to Plate Community Initiative
Marydale DeBor, New Milford Hospital

Farm-to-Chef newsletter, Food Service Director magazine article, Foodservice East magazine,
Plow to Plate team with New Milford Mayor Pat Murphy (JPEG image),
Plow to Plate student learning knife skills (JPEG image)


Panel D: Fostering Physical Activity

Rails to Trails / Safe Routes to School
Sandy Fry, Capitol Region Council of Governments

Tim Callahan, Health Director, City of Norwalk

Physical Activity on Wellness Policies
Charlie Chatterton, Eastern Connecticut State University

Community Collaborative
Monica Belyea, Opportunity Knocks Collaborative