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2007 Bills
Below are the bills supported by the Commission on Children in the 2007 session of the Connecticut General Assembly. All conform with the policy goals outlined in the Policy Direction for 2007 document published by the Commission in January 2007.

To check on the status of a particular bill: 1) Click on the hyperlinks, which will take you to status pages on the General Assembly website, or; 2) Visit the Legislative Log of this site, which contains public hearing dates and other useful information. 

H.B. 5004 - An Act Concerning A Youth Trust Account

Purpose: "To establish a youth trust account for the purpose of providing employment and job training for youth in this state."

H.B. 5110 - An Act Concerning A Safe Learning Environment for Children and Youth.

Purpose: "To require the Department of Education to analyze the effectiveness of safe learning policies, including anti-bullying programs, and to report annually to certain committees of the General Assembly."

HB 5108 - An Act Concerning  Reporting Requirements of the Child Poverty Council

Purpose: "To extend annual reporting requirements related to the Child Poverty and Prevention Council."

H.B. 5331 - An Act Concerning School Readiness for Children who are Homeless

Purpose: "To establish school readiness pilot programs for children who are homeless or subjected to domestic violence."

H.B 5348 - An Act Concerning  Increasing Funding for the Kinship Fund

Purpose: "To increase funding to the Kinship Fund in order to provide more grant money for the first year of guardianship."

H.B. 5393 - An Act Concerning Subsidies for Relative Caregivers

Purpose: "To expand eligibility of the subsidized guardianship program to children who are not in the care or custody of the Department of Children and Families and are living with relative caregivers whose income is at or below one hundred per cent of the federal poverty level."

H.B. 5442 - An Act Concerning an Increase in Temporary Family Assistance Benefit

Purpose: "To increase the amount of temporary family assistance benefits available to grandparents and other relative caregivers to the amount relative caregivers receive under the subsidized guardianship program."

H.B. 5585 - An Act Concerning an Alternative Program for School Suspensions.

Purpose: "To allow local and regional boards of education to create an alternative suspension system for students suspended for the first time."

H.B. 5738 - An Act Concerning Appropriations for the Beyond Shelter CT Program

Purpose: "To provide funds for additional programs to end the cycle of homelessness for families and provide landlords with the support necessary to help keep tenants stable and lease compliant."

H.B. 5767 - An Act Concerning an Early Childhood Lead Screening Program

Purpose: "To establish an early childhood lead screening program."

H.B. 5777 - An Act Concerning an Appropriations for Safe Routes to School Program

Purpose: "To provide funding for the safe routes to school program."

H.B. 5880 - An Act Concerning a Connecticut After School Grant

Purpose: "To expand the scope and requirements for the grant program for after school programs."

HB 6149 - An Act Concerning an Appropriation for Youth Service Bureaus

Purpose: "To reduce truancy and provide recreational opportunities to youth by increasing grants to local youth service bureaus."

H.B. 6725 - An Act Concerning the Reporting of Student Obesity Data

Purpose: "To collect data and statistics on childhood obesity."

H.B. 6843 - An Act Concerning Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs

Purpose: "To provide funding to municipalities for the establishment of community based physical activity programs to prevent cardiovascular disease."

S.B. 205 - An Act Concerning  the Transfer of Juveniles to the Regular Criminal Docket

Purpose: "To permit counsel for a child to argue against transfer of the child's case to the regular criminal docket and to require the juvenile prosecutor to establish that such transfer is appropriate."

S.B. 246 - An Act Concerning Home and Community Based Services for Families with Service Needs

Purpose: To expand the offering of state programs available to families with special needs children.

S.B. 331 - An Act Concerning Health Care Access for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Purpose: "To improve health care access, quality and family support for children with special health care needs by establishing a comprehensive, coordinated health care service system to be known as the Children with Special Health Care Needs Partnership."

S.B. 478 - An Act Concerning the Even Start Program

Purpose: "To appropriate five million dollars for the Even Start Program."

S.B. 593 - An Act Concerning  Funding for Regional Children's Probate Courts

Purpose: "To enhance the stability of the probate court system by requiring that funding for regional children's probate courts be provided from the General Fund, rather than from the Probate Court Administration Fund."

S.B. 690 - An Act Concerning Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Initiaitves

Purpose: "To require the Department of Public Health to develop heart disease and stroke prevention initiatives."

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