Major General Clarence Ransom Edwards
Artist: George Holburn Snowborn (1902-1990)
1942 Bronze with granite base

Major General Clarence Ransom Edwards (1859-1931) was the commander of the 26th Yankee Division from Connecticut during most of World War I.

The 26th Division was one of the most decorated divisions and one of the longest under fire during the war.

 Edwards himself received a Distinguished Service medal.

Major General Clarence Ransom Edwards and Andersonville Boy statues located on the Capitol grounds


Courtesy of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut, Inc.

The Andersonville Boy
Artist: Bela Lyon Pratt (1867-1917)
1907 Bronze with granite base

The statue is dedicated to the memory of the Connecticut men who suffered in military prisons during the Civil War.

This is a copy of the statue that stands in the National Cemetery in Andersonville, Georgia, the site of the infamous prison in which so many young men died.