The Legislative Office Building was completed in 1988.  The building was designed by Russell Gibson von Dohlen of Farmington, CT.  The steel, glass, and concrete block structure is covered in rough and polished Texas granite.  A copper mansard (sloping) roof covers all but the light filled atrium.  The interior is mainly polished Texas granite as well as Italian, Mexican, and Spanish marble.  Cherry wood from Indiana and Wisconsin compliments the interior design.

Spring view of the Legislative Office Building


Courtesy of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut, Inc.

There are ten public hearing rooms in the Legislative Office Building.  These rooms, found on the first and second floors, are used throughout the year but primarily during the legislative session.  Twenty-six joint committees (comprised of Representatives and Senators) hold public hearings to discuss the various bills (proposed laws) subject to debate.  The rooms were designed to accommodate groups of different sizes.  All the rooms are finished in the same fashion, with a neutral wallcloth covering the area above the cherry wood paneling.  The state seal is reproduced in the fabric through an art form called trapunto.  It is the only decoration in the hearing rooms.