Banking Committee

The Banking Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Banking, and banks, savings banks, bank and trust companies, savings and loan associations, credit unions, the supervision of the sale of securities, fraternal benefit societies and secured and unsecured lending.



  Committee Membership   

 Print List

 Print List

District Position Name  Website Party
013 Co-Chair Doucette, Jason D
S27 Co-Chair Miller, Patricia Billie D
S02 Vice Chair McCrory, Douglas D
138 Vice Chair Gucker, Kenneth M D
014 Ranking Member Delnicki, Tom R
S32 Ranking Member Berthel, Eric C. R
S15 Member Hartley, Joan V. D
124 Member Baker, Andre F. D
115 Member Borer, Dorinda D
097 Member Paolillo, Alphonse D
137 Member Perone, Chris D
126 Member Stallworth, Charlie L. D
079 Member Ziogas, Christopher D
081 Member Fusco, John R
045 Member Lanoue, Brian R
122 Member McGorty, Ben R
071 Member Pizzuto, William R


Banking Committee
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 2400
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0410
  •   Public Hearing Testimony 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  • Public Hearing Testimony and Other Written Submissions

    Please be aware that all submitted testimony is public record. Depending upon the information you supply, this may reveal some or all of the following: Email address, physical address, phone number, name, age, and other personal information. All submissions are uploaded or scanned and linked on the Connecticut General Assembly website.

    All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. As such, it will be made available on the CGA website and indexed by internet search engines.

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