REGULATION - 2012-055
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The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies is amended Sections 17b-812-1 to 17b-812-4 to 17b-812-13, 17b-3, 17b-812.

Department of Social Services

Regulation Documents

Certification Page
Commissioner's Letter
Fiscal Note
Notice of Intent
Regulation Page
Secretary of State Filing Letter
Small Business Impact Analysis
Summary of Public Comments

Regulation History (in chronological order)

05/08/2012- CT Law Journal Notice/Notice of Intent
10/15/2012- Attorney General Approval
10/26/2012- Legislative Regulations Review Committee Receipt
11/27/2012- Legislative Regulations Review Committee Submittal
12/18/2012- LRRC - Approved with Technical Corrections & Deletions
12/18/2012- LRRC - Meeting Date
12/28/2012- Filed with Secretary of State
01/16/2013- LCO Report Made Available to the Public