REGULATION - 2012-046
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The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies is amended Sections 10-76a-1 & 2; 10-76b-1 to 10-76b-4, inclusive & Sections 10-76d-1 to 10-76d-19, inclusive, and Sections 10-76h-1 to 10-76h-18, inclusive.

State Department of Education

Regulation Documents

Certification Page
Commissioner's Letter
Fiscal Note
OFA Report
Regulation Page
Small Business Impact Analysis
Summary of Public Comments

Regulation History (in chronological order)

08/10/2010- CT Law Journal Notice/Notice of Intent
06/07/2012- Attorney General Approval
09/04/2012- Legislative Regulations Review Committee Receipt
09/04/2012- Legislative Regulations Review Committee Submittal
10/23/2012- LCO Report Made Available to the Public
10/23/2012- LRRC - Rejected Without Prejudice