Raised S.B. No. 1049
Session Year 2019


To (1) require the Secretary of the State to develop a system through which election-related forms can be signed electronically, (2) require the Secretary to develop an online system for the registration of circulators of absentee ballots, (3) require that certain disputes concerning elections or primaries be adjudicated by the superior court for the judicial district of Hartford, (4) permit candidates or their agents to amend certain election-related filings to correct errors or omissions without penalty if done so within specified timeframes, (5) require registrars of voters to certify certain information regarding designated locations for election day registration, permit the Secretary to order any changes deemed necessary for the effective conduct of election day registration and eliminate the requirement to perform a cross-check before admitting an applicant for election day registration, and (6) permit the Secretary to use redistricting plan data to require registrars of voters to effectively implement such redistricting plan.