Substitute for Raised S.B. No. 215
Session Year 2018


To: (1) Remove obsolete language relating to the position of "executive secretary", (2) make a conforming change to public act 17-127, (3) ensure that a custody application is filed by a party who has standing to do so, (4) expedite the process by which one may seek restoration of his or her birth name or former name post judgment, (5) eliminate a reporting requirement relating to the duties of the Chief Family Support Magistrate, (6) remove certain infractions that do not need to be included in the statutory section relating to mail-in violations, (7) facilitate publication of Supreme and Appellate Court decisions in an electronic format, (8) allow for the termination of a bail bond for a young person who is admitted to a diversionary program related to a motor vehicle violation or alcohol-related offense, (9) enhance privacy protections for victims of sexual assault, (10) eliminate the need to send certain notices of pardon eligibility, (11) extend the reporting requirement relating to the "Civil Gideon" pilot program, and (12) expand eligibility for participation in the nonadversial dissolution of marriage process.