Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 6594
Session Year 2021


To (1) permit the state to depose persons seventy-five years of age and older in criminal matters; (2) change "patronizing a prostitute" to "soliciting sexual acts"; (3) transfer the requirement for a state's attorney to investigate a town clerk/treasurer to the Office of the Attorney General; (4) transfer bond forfeiture duties from the Division of Criminal Justice to the Office of the Attorney General; (5) require state prosecutors to notify the Office of Attorney General when the defendant in a state court action is a public official or state or municipal employee charged with a crime related to their office for purposes of pension revocation; (6) bring the definition of "vendor fraud" in line with its federal criminal counterpart; (7) clarify and provide a more appropriate penalty for the wilful and unauthorized distribution of intimate images of an individual; (8) increase the penalty for severe internet stalking or cyber harassment; (9) provide a ten-year look back in the sentencing of certain persistent offenders, including those charged with possession of a controlled substance; (10) clarify that application and program fees required by statute for certain pretrial diversionary programs are waived for persons represented by a public defender appointed or a determination of indigency by the court; (11) provide that community service cannot be required in lieu of any fees for indigent persons; (12) eliminate the disparity between possession of a narcotic drug and the storage of such; (13) reduce the penalties when a person charged with an infraction or violation fails to respond or pay a fine; (14) allow for pre-sentence confinement credit on all concurrent sentences regardless of the day the sentences are imposed, while ensuring that consecutive sentences are not credited twice; (15) enact recommendations by the Connecticut Sentencing Commission concerning the enhanced penalty for the sale or possession of drugs near schools, day care centers and public housing projects; and (16) enact recommendations by the Connecticut Sentencing Commission regarding sentence modification.

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