Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 5621
Session Year 2016


To revise the duties and composition of the trafficking in persons council; require state's attorneys and municipal chiefs of police to provide data and information concerning human trafficking prosecutions and investigations to the General Assembly; require that the Commissioner of Children and Families and the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection develop a training program to raise awareness of incidents of human trafficking, institute reforms that are designed to prevent human trafficking at hotels, motels and similar lodgings; raise the age for a person to be convicted as a prostitute; eliminate the requirement that a person knew the victim was under eighteen years of age or was a victim of coercion or human trafficking in order to be convicted of a class C felony for patronizing a prostitute; create mandatory fines for patronizing a prostitute and require such fines be used to fund investigations of prostitution and human trafficking; raise the age of a minor for purposes of enticing a minor to engage in prostitution; expand requirement for display of notice concerning services available to victims of human trafficking; and amend forfeiture requirements related to prostitution.