Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 5332
Session Year 2018


To (1) require the Department of Children and Families to include in its strategic plan strategies to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities within child welfare practice; (2) require the Commissioner of Children and Families to collect data on the race and ethnicity of children and families involved with the department, and work to eliminate certain disparities based on race, ethnicity and other factors; (3) require the department to disclose records to the Chief State's Attorney for the purpose of investigating or prosecuting an allegation of fraud in the receipt of certain benefits; (4) create an exception from the requirement that the commissioner obtain consent from the parent or guardian of a child to interview such child for the purpose of investigating a claim of neglect if such parent or guardian is the perpetrator of the alleged neglect; (5) require certain health care providers to notify the department of newborns exhibiting certain symptoms consistent with prenatal substance exposure and other conditions and require the department to establish guidelines for the safe care of such newborns; (6) clarify the definition of "fictive kin caregiver"; (7) clarify that certain residential facilities may care for or board a child without a license obtained from the commissioner; and (8) permit the commissioner to investigate and maintain actions in the name of the state for violations of certain statutes pertaining to the unlicensed caring for, boarding of and placing of a child.