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  Friday, January 11, 2019
8:00 AM Rep. McCarthy Vahey: CT School Finance Project & League of Women Voters of CT "Pension Academy" CAP Room 310
8:00 AM CT Council Organizations Serving the Deaf: Legislative Breakfast LOB Executive Dining Room
9:30 AM Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council Meeting LOB Room 1E
10:00 AM Rep. Gibson: African-American Studies Panel Discussion LOB Room 1A
10:00 AM Rep. Abercrombie: Dept. of Rehabilitation Services Advisory Board Meeting LOB Room 1B
11:00 AM SCPD: Cutter Meet & Greet LOB Second Floor Atrium
11:00 AM Environment Committee Meeting LOB Room 1D
1:00 PM CANCELLED: MAPOC: Developmental Disabilities Committee Meeting LOB Room 1A
2:00 PM Judiciary Committee Meeting LOB Room 2C
3:00 PM Committee on Contested Elections Meeting LOB Room 1B