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  Wednesday, January 30, 2013
8:00 AM Rep. Hwang, Rep. Rutigliano, Sen. Musto: The Kennedy Center for Developmental Disabilities LOB Room 1C
9:00 AM Rep. Abercrombie: "Protect the Safety Net" (Registration) LOB Room 2C
9:00 AM Rep. Sean Williams: Meeting with CBIA Tax Committee LOB Room 2D
9:00 AM Sen. Duff: Social Media Forum LOB Room 1E
10:00 AM Transportation Committee Meeting LOB Room 2E
10:00 AM "Protect the Safety Net" Rally CAP Grounds North
10:30 AM Environment Committee Public Hearing LOB Room 2B
10:30 AM Public Health Committee Meeting LOB Room 1D
11:00 AM Governor Malloy Press Conference Re: Mortgage Assistance LOB Room 1B
1:00 PM Rep. Ziobron: Rotary Club District No. 7980 LOB Room 1B