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  Wednesday, January 23, 2013
8:00 AM CT School Transportation Association: Legislative Breakfast LOB Executive Dining Room
8:30 AM CT Oral Health Initiative (COHI) Educational Displays LOB Concourse
9:30 AM Sen. Doyle & Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut: Meet and Greet CAP Old Judiciary Room
10:00 AM HOUSE SESSION CAP House Chambers
10:00 AM SENATE SESSION CAP Senate Chambers
10:00 AM Department of Public Health Interagency and Partnership Advisory Panel on Lupus Meeting LOB Room 1C
10:30 AM Rep. Lesser: MAN UP Roundtable with Comptroller Kevin Lembo LOB Room 2A
1:30 PM BHP OC Coordination of Care/MAPOC Consumer Access Committee Meeting LOB Room 1E
2:00 PM COHI: DPH Office of Oral Health Survey Results Presentation CAP Old Judiciary Room
2:00 PM Office of the Secretary of the State & Rep. Nafis: Press Conference Re: Permanent Absentee Ballot CAP Room 104