Raised H.B. No. 5585
Session Year 2004


To maintain the Departments of Agriculture and Consumer Protection as independent state agencies.

Introduced by:
Environment Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 6/3/2004Signed by the Governor
 5/18/2004Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 5/13/2004(LCO)Public Act 04-189
 5/4/2004Senate Passed
 5/1/2004Senate Calendar Number 541
 5/1/2004Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 4/30/2004House Passed
 4/23/2004Tabled for the Calendar, House
 4/23/2004No New File by Committee on Government Administration and Elections
 4/23/2004(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/23/2004(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/22/2004(GAE)Joint Favorable
 4/20/2004Referred by House to Committee on Government Administration and Elections
 4/15/2004(LCO)File Number 606
 4/15/2004House Calendar Number 398
 4/15/2004Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 4/15/2004(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/8/2004(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/14/04 5:00 PM
 3/29/2004(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/29/2004(APP)Joint Favorable
 3/19/2004Favorable Change of Reference, Senate to Committee on Appropriations
 3/18/2004Favorable Change of Reference, House to Committee on Appropriations
 3/18/2004(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/16/2004(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/15/2004(ENV)Joint Favorable Change of Reference Appropriations
 3/1/2004Public Hearing 03/05
 2/27/2004Referred to Joint Committee on Environment

Co-sponsors of HB-5585

Sen. Donald E. Williams, 29th Dist.
Sen. Edith G. Prague, 19th Dist.
Rep. Richard O. Belden, 113th Dist.
Sen. Anthony Guglielmo, 35th Dist.
Rep. Jack Malone, 47th Dist.
Sen. Martin M. Looney, 11th Dist.
Rep. Steven Mikutel, 45th Dist.
Rep. Peter F. Villano, 91st Dist.
Rep. Roberta B. Willis, 64th Dist.
Rep. Al Adinolfi, 103rd Dist.
Rep. Sean Williams, 68th Dist.
Rep. Carl J. Dickman, 132nd Dist.
Rep. Ruth C. Fahrbach, 61st Dist.
Rep. Lile R. Gibbons, 150th Dist.
Rep. Linda A. Orange, 48th Dist.
Rep. George M. Wilber, 63rd Dist.
Rep. Cameron C. Staples, 96th Dist.
Sen. Bill Finch, 22nd Dist.
Rep. Bob Duff, 137th Dist.
Rep. Jefferson B. Davis, 50th Dist.
Rep. Richard Roy, 119th Dist.
Rep. Kevin Ryan, 139th Dist.
Rep. David A. Scribner, 107th Dist.
Rep. Gail K. Hamm, 34th Dist.
Rep. Vickie Orsini Nardello, 89th Dist.
Rep. Christopher G. Donovan, 84th Dist.
Rep. J. Brendan Sharkey, 88th Dist.
Rep. James Field Spallone, 36th Dist.
Rep. Shawn T. Johnston, 51st Dist.
Rep. Mary G. Fritz, 90th Dist.
Rep. Denise W. Merrill, 54th Dist.
Rep. Michael A. Caron, 44th Dist.
Rep. Mary M. Mushinsky, 85th Dist.
Rep. Steve Jarmoc, 59th Dist.
Rep. Nancy E. Kerensky, 14th Dist.
Rep. Diana S. Urban, 43rd Dist.
Rep. Patricia M. Widlitz, 98th Dist.
Rep. Walter M. Pawelkiewicz, 49th Dist.
Rep. Michael A. Christ, 11th Dist.
Rep. Joan A. Lewis, 8th Dist.
Rep. Robert W. Megna, 97th Dist.
Rep. Richard F. Ferrari, 62nd Dist.
Sen. Mary Ann Handley, 4th Dist.
Rep. Ted Graziani, 57th Dist.
Sen. Leonard Fasano, 34th Dist.
Sen. Biagio Ciotto, 9th Dist.
Rep. Joseph Mann, 140th Dist.
Rep. Bob Congdon, 42nd Dist.
Rep. Anne L. Ruwet, 65th Dist.
Sen. Andrew W. Roraback, 30th Dist.
Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, 52nd Dist.
Sen. Thomas P. Gaffey, 13th Dist.
Sen. Thomas J. Herlihy, 8th Dist.
Rep. Andrew M. Fleischmann, 18th Dist.
Rep. Clark J. Chapin, 67th Dist.
Rep. John E. Stripp, 135th Dist.
Rep. Lenny T. Winkler, 41st Dist.
Rep. Vincent J. Tonucci, 104th Dist.
Rep. Claire L. Janowski, 56th Dist.
Rep. Andrea L. Stillman, 38th Dist.
Rep. Cathy C. Tymniak, 133rd Dist.
Rep. Bob Peters, 30th Dist.
Rep. DebraLee Hovey, 112th Dist.
Rep. Janice R. Giegler, 138th Dist.
Rep. Sonya Googins, 31st Dist.
Rep. G. Kenneth Bernhard, 136th Dist.
Rep. Sandy Nafis, 27th Dist.
Rep. Louis P. Esposito, 116th Dist.
Rep. John H. Frey, 111th Dist.
Rep. Michael J. Cardin, 53rd Dist.
Rep. Faith McMahon, 15th Dist.
Sen. John A. Kissel, 7th Dist.
Rep. Paul R. Doyle, 28th Dist.
Rep. Pamela Z. Sawyer, 55th Dist.
Rep. Peter J. Panaroni, 102nd Dist.
Rep. Craig A. Miner, 66th Dist.
Sen. Catherine W. Cook, 18th Dist.
Rep. Felipe Reinoso, 130th Dist.
Sen. William A. Aniskovich, 12th Dist.

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