Substitute for Raised S.B. No. 561
Session Year 2008


To expand the Money Follows the Person demonstration project and establish a long-term care trust fund to provide funds to finance long-term care.

Introduced by:
Human Services Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 6/12/2008Signed by the Governor
 5/29/2008Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 5/28/2008(LCO)Public Act 08-180
 5/7/2008In Concurrence
 5/7/2008House Passed as Amended by Senate Amendment Schedule A
 5/7/2008House Adopted Senate Amendment Schedule A
 5/2/2008House Calendar Number 532
 5/2/2008Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 5/2/2008Rules Suspended, Transmitted to the House
 5/2/2008On Consent Calendar
 5/2/2008Senate Passed as Amended by Senate Amendment Schedule A
 5/2/2008Senate Adopted Senate Amendment Schedule A 5607
 4/14/2008(LCO)File Number 600
 4/14/2008Senate Calendar Number 398
 4/14/2008Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 4/14/2008(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/7/2008(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/14/08 10:00 AM
 4/1/2008(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/1/2008(APP)Joint Favorable Substitute
 3/25/2008Favorable Change of Reference, House to Committee on Appropriations
 3/24/2008Favorable Change of Reference, Senate to Committee on Appropriations
 3/20/2008(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/14/2008(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/13/2008(HS)Joint Favorable Substitute Change of Reference Appropriations
 2/29/2008Public Hearing 03/04
 2/28/2008Referred to Joint Committee on Human Services

Co-sponsors of SB-561

Rep. Selim G. Noujaim, 74th Dist.
Sen. Sam S.F. Caligiuri, 16th Dist.
Rep. Kevin M. DelGobbo, 70th Dist.
Rep. David K. Labriola, 131st Dist.
Sen. Joan V. Hartley, 15th Dist.
Sen. Robert J. Kane, 32nd Dist.
Rep. Ron Burns, 77th Dist.
Rep. Arthur J. O'Neill, 69th Dist.
Rep. Anthony J. D'Amelio, 71st Dist.
Sen. Edith G. Prague, 19th Dist.
Rep. Jeffrey J. Berger, 73rd Dist.
Rep. Larry B. Butler, 72nd Dist.
Rep. Jason W. Bartlett, 2nd Dist.
Rep. Demetrios S. Giannaros, 21st Dist.
Sen. David J. Cappiello, 24th Dist.
Rep. Al Adinolfi, 103rd Dist.
Rep. Denise W. Merrill, 54th Dist.
Rep. Peter F. Villano, 91st Dist.
Sen. Jonathan A. Harris, 5th Dist.
Rep. Roberta B. Willis, 64th Dist.
Rep. Christel H. Truglia, 145th Dist.
Rep. Joseph S. Mioli, 136th Dist.
Sen. Leonard A. Fasano, 34th Dist.
Rep. Linda A. Orange, 48th Dist.
Rep. Patricia M. Widlitz, 98th Dist.
Rep. James A. Amann, 118th Dist.
Rep. William Tong, 147th Dist.
Rep. Elizabeth A. Boukus, 22nd Dist.
Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, 99th Dist.
Rep. Richard F. Ferrari, 62nd Dist.
Sen. John A. Kissel, 7th Dist.
Sen. Anthony Guglielmo, 35th Dist.
Rep. Elissa T. Wright, 41st Dist.
Sen. Andrew J. McDonald, 27th Dist.
Rep. Faith McMahon, 15th Dist.
Sen. Donald J. DeFronzo, 6th Dist.
Sen. Gary D. LeBeau, 3rd Dist.
Rep. Claudia M. Powers, 151st Dist.
Rep. Julia B. Wasserman, 106th Dist.
Rep. Marilyn Giuliano, 23rd Dist.
Sen. Mary Ann Handley, 4th Dist.
Rep. Mary G. Fritz, 90th Dist.
Rep. John W. Hetherington, 125th Dist.
Rep. Frank N. Nicastro, 79th Dist.
Rep. Leonard C. Greene, 105th Dist.
Rep. Patricia A. Dillon, 92nd Dist.
Rep. Joan A. Lewis, 8th Dist.
Rep. Elizabeth B. Ritter, 38th Dist.
Rep. William Aman, 14th Dist.
Rep. Livvy R. Floren, 149th Dist.
Rep. Beth Bye, 19th Dist.
Rep. John E. Piscopo, 76th Dist.
Rep. Craig A. Miner, 66th Dist.
Rep. Deborah W. Heinrich, 101st Dist.
Rep. Douglas McCrory, 7th Dist.
Rep. Joseph J. Taborsak, 109th Dist.
Rep. Thomas J. Kehoe, 31st Dist.
Rep. Juan R. Candelaria, 95th Dist.
Rep. Henry J. Genga, 10th Dist.
Rep. Toni E. Walker, 93rd Dist.
Rep. Emil Altobello, 82nd Dist.
Rep. David McCluskey, 20th Dist.
Rep. Bruce Zalaski, 81st Dist.
Rep. Jason Perillo, 113th Dist.
Rep. Linda M. Gentile, 104th Dist.
Rep. Jack Malone, 47th Dist.
Rep. Bruce V. Morris, 140th Dist.
Rep. Janice R. Giegler, 138th Dist.
Rep. Linda Schofield, 16th Dist.
Rep. Peter J. Panaroni, 102nd Dist.
Rep. Carlo Leone, 148th Dist.
Rep. Felipe Reinoso, 130th Dist.
Rep. T.R. Rowe, 123rd Dist.
Rep. Themis Klarides, 114th Dist.
Rep. David Aldarondo, 75th Dist.
Rep. John H. Frey, 111th Dist.
Rep. Russell A. Morin, 28th Dist.
Rep. Christopher L. Caruso, 126th Dist.
Rep. Pamela Z. Sawyer, 55th Dist.
Rep. Gail K. Hamm, 34th Dist.
Rep. Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey, 5th Dist.
Rep. Ed Jutila, 37th Dist.
Rep. Peter A. Tercyak, 26th Dist.
Rep. Anne L. Ruwet, 65th Dist.
Rep. Mary Ann Carson, 108th Dist.
Rep. Kathleen M. Tallarita, 58th Dist.
Rep. Sandy H. Nafis, 27th Dist.
Rep. DebraLee Hovey, 112th Dist.
Rep. Minnie Gonzalez, 3rd Dist.
Rep. Sean J. Williams, 68th Dist.
Sen. Paul R. Doyle, 9th Dist.
Sen. Andrea L. Stillman, 20th Dist.
Sen. Eric D. Coleman, 2nd Dist.
Sen. Donald E. Williams, 29th Dist.
Rep. Vincent J. Candelora, 86th Dist.
Rep. Thomas J. Drew, 132nd Dist.
Sen. John W. Fonfara, 1st Dist.
Sen. John McKinney, 28th Dist.
Sen. Martin M. Looney, 11th Dist.
Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, 30th Dist.
Rep. Catherine F. Abercrombie, 83rd Dist.

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