Proposed S.B. No. 545
Session Year 2019


To (1) permit certain property owners to repurchase property taken from them by eminent domain if such property is not used for a public use and is subsequently resold; (2) prohibit persons from misrepresenting that they are authorized to acquire property by eminent domain by making such misrepresentation an unfair trade practice; (3) require that appraisals in eminent domain proceedings be conducted by licensed real estate appraisers in accordance with uniform standards; (4) require the consent of the parties before a court may appoint a judge trial referee to review a statement of compensation in an eminent domain proceeding; (5) increase the maximum payments for relocation assistance; and (6) revise the standards used by municipal legislative bodies prior to authorizing the use of eminent domain pursuant to a development plan under chapter 132 of the general statutes.

Introduced by:
Sen. George S. Logan, 17th Dist.

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 1/24/2019Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary

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