H.B. No. 5886
Session Year 2017


To establish a credit against the personal income tax or the corporation business tax for agricultural food commodities grown or produced by the taxpayer and donated to a food bank or an emergency feeding organization in the state.

Introduced by:
Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 7/7/2017Vetoed by the Governor
 6/23/2017Transmitted by Secretary of the State to Governor
 6/23/2017Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 6/19/2017(LCO)Public Act 17-159
 6/7/2017On Consent Calendar / In Concurrence
 6/7/2017Senate Passed
 5/26/2017Senate Calendar Number 544
 5/26/2017Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 5/24/2017House Passed
 5/9/2017(LCO)File Number 731
 5/9/2017House Calendar Number 492
 5/9/2017Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 5/9/2017(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 5/3/2017(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 05/08/17 5:00 PM
 4/28/2017(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 4/27/2017(FIN)Joint Favorable
 4/25/2017Referred to Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding
 4/24/2017Drafted by Committee
 4/11/2017(FIN)Vote to Draft
 2/17/2017Public Hearing 02/24
 2/14/2017(FIN)Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing
 1/19/2017Referred to Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding

Co-sponsors of HB-5886

Rep. Kevin Ryan, 139th Dist.
Rep. Pam Staneski, 119th Dist.
Rep. Devin R. Carney, 23rd Dist.
Rep. Vincent J. Candelora, 86th Dist.
Rep. Robin Green, 55th Dist.
Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria, 105th Dist.
Rep. Anthony J. D'Amelio, 71st Dist.
Rep. Kurt Vail, 52nd Dist.
Rep. Dave W. Yaccarino, 87th Dist.
Rep. Holly H. Cheeseman, 37th Dist.
Rep. Christopher Davis, 57th Dist.
Rep. Tami Zawistowski, 61st Dist.
Rep. Tim Ackert, 8th Dist.
Rep. Susan M. Johnson, 49th Dist.
Rep. John K. Hampton, 16th Dist.
Rep. Joe Polletta, 68th Dist.
Rep. Christie M. Carpino, 32nd Dist.
Rep. Hilda E. Santiago, 84th Dist.
Sen. Steve Cassano, 4th Dist.
Rep. Tom Delnicki, 14th Dist.

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