Raised H.B. No. 5226
Session Year 2020


To (1) make void and unenforceable any covenant, restriction or condition in any deed, contract, security instrument or other instrument affecting the transfer or sale of property which prohibits or unreasonably restricts the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station, (2) establish conditions to which a unit owner must agree in order to obtain approval for installation of an electric vehicle charging station, and (3) permit tenants to request installation of electric vehicle charging stations, subject to compliance with a landlord's requirements.

Introduced by:
Energy and Technology Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 2/21/2020Public Hearing 02/27
 2/20/2020Referred to Joint Committee on Energy and Technology

Co-sponsors of HB-5226

Rep. Joseph P. Gresko, 121st Dist.
Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, 136th Dist.

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