Raised H.B. No. 6432
Session Year 2011


To reestablish the achievement gap task force and require the task force to develop a master plan to eliminate the academic achievement gap in Connecticut by 2020; to create the Interagency Council for Ending the Achievement Gap to assist the achievement gap task force in developing and implementing the master plan; to require the Department of Education to develop model curricula in reading and mathematics for grades prekindergarten to grade four, inclusive; to require school districts that have an achievement gap to submit biannual accountability reports on the district's efforts to eliminate the achievement gap; to establish the Connecticut School Cultural Resource Center within the State Education Resource Center to develop ways to help English language learners succeed in school; to allow school districts to increase the school day and school year if such school district has a school that has been identified as low achieving; to require the Department of Education to establish an educator reciprocity program to make it easier for certified out-of-state educators to receive certification in Connecticut; and to phase in mandatory school readiness and full-day kindergarten in priority school districts.

Introduced by:
Education Committee

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 2/24/2011Public Hearing 02/28
 2/23/2011Referred to Joint Committee on Education

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