S.B. No. 551
Session Year 2010


Introduced by:
Sen. Donald E. Williams, 29th Dist.
Rep. Christopher G. Donovan, 84th Dist.

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 9/3/2010Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 8/18/2010(LCO)Public Act 10-1
 8/13/2010In Concurrence
 8/13/2010Veto Overruled, House
 8/13/2010House Reconsidered
 8/5/2010Immediate Transmittal to the House
 8/5/2010Senate Reconsidered, Veto Overruled
 8/5/2010Senate Reconsidered
 8/2/2010Vetoed by the Governor
 7/30/2010Rules Suspended, Transmitted to the Governor
 7/30/2010In Concurrence
 7/30/2010House Passed
 7/30/2010House Rejected House Amendment Schedule B 5966
 7/30/2010House Rejected House Amendment Schedule A 5965
 7/30/2010Immediate Transmittal to the House
 7/30/2010Senate Passed
 7/30/2010Senate Rejected Senate Amendment Schedule D 5952
 7/30/2010Senate Rejected Senate Amendment Schedule C 5960
 7/30/2010Senate Rejected Senate Amendment Schedule B 5958
 7/30/2010Senate Rejected Senate Amendment Schedule A 5954
 7/30/2010Emergency Certification

Co-sponsors of SB-551

Rep. James Field Spallone, 36th Dist.

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