Raised H.B. No. 5098
Session Year 2014


To increase the fine for violations regarding commercially recorded telephone messages that continue after the customer hangs up the receiver.

Introduced by:
General Law Committee

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 5/12/2014Signed by the Governor
 5/7/2014Transmitted by Secretary of the State to Governor
 5/7/2014Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 5/5/2014(LCO)Public Act 14-14
 4/30/2014On Consent Calendar / In Concurrence
 4/30/2014Senate Passed
 4/14/2014Senate Calendar Number 342
 4/14/2014Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 4/10/2014House Passed
 3/31/2014(LCO)File Number 199
 3/31/2014House Calendar Number 127
 3/31/2014Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 3/31/2014(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/24/2014(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 03/31/14 10:00 AM
 3/17/2014(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/13/2014(GL)Joint Favorable
 2/13/2014Public Hearing 02/18
 2/11/2014Referred to Joint Committee on General Law

Co-sponsors of HB-5098

Rep. Frank N. Nicastro, 79th Dist.
Rep. Mary G. Fritz, 90th Dist.
Rep. Jeffrey J. Berger, 73rd Dist.
Rep. David A. Baram, 15th Dist.
Rep. David Zoni, 81st Dist.
Rep. Emil Altobello, 82nd Dist.
Rep. William Tong, 147th Dist.
Rep. Arthur J. O'Neill, 69th Dist.
Rep. Elissa T. Wright, 41st Dist.
Rep. Susan M. Johnson, 49th Dist.
Rep. Steven T. Mikutel, 45th Dist.
Rep. Janice R. Giegler, 138th Dist.
Rep. Whit Betts, 78th Dist.
Rep. Henry J. Genga, 10th Dist.
Rep. Paul Davis, 117th Dist.
Rep. Bill Simanski, 62nd Dist.
Rep. Bob Godfrey, 110th Dist.
Rep. Terrie Wood, 141st Dist.
Rep. Hilda E. Santiago, 84th Dist.
Rep. Michelle L. Cook, 65th Dist.
Rep. James Maroney, 119th Dist.
Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor, 67th Dist.
Rep. Robert C. Sampson, 80th Dist.
Rep. Anthony J. D'Amelio, 71st Dist.
Rep. Melissa H. Ziobron, 34th Dist.
Rep. Russell A. Morin, 28th Dist.
Rep. Elizabeth A. Boukus, 22nd Dist.
Rep. Stephen D. Dargan, 115th Dist.
Rep. Christopher A. Wright, 77th Dist.
Rep. Michael L. Molgano, 144th Dist.
Rep. Andrew M. Fleischmann, 18th Dist.
Rep. Louis P. Esposito, 116th Dist.
Sen. Jason C. Welch, 31st Dist.
Rep. William Aman, 14th Dist.
Sen. Robert J. Kane, 32nd Dist.
Sen. Paul R. Doyle, 9th Dist.
Sen. Kevin D. Witkos, 8th Dist.
Sen. L. Scott Frantz, 36th Dist.
Rep. Patricia M. Widlitz, 98th Dist.
Sen. Clark J. Chapin, 30th Dist.
Sen. Martin M. Looney, 11th Dist.
Sen. Joseph J. Crisco, 17th Dist.
Sen. Steve Cassano, 4th Dist.
Rep. Jay M. Case, 63rd Dist.
Sen. Catherine A. Osten, 19th Dist.
Sen. Terry B. Gerratana, 6th Dist.
Rep. David K. Labriola, 131st Dist.
Rep. Richard A. Smith, 108th Dist.
Rep. Timothy R. Bowles, 42nd Dist.
Rep. Gerald M. Fox, 146th Dist.
Rep. Lonnie Reed, 102nd Dist.
Rep. Peter A. Tercyak, 26th Dist.
Sen. Art Linares, 33rd Dist.
Sen. Eric D. Coleman, 2nd Dist.
Rep. Prasad Srinivasan, 31st Dist.
Rep. Theresa W. Conroy, 105th Dist.
Rep. Joseph C. Serra, 33rd Dist.

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