Raised S.B. No. 133
Session Year 2024


To: (1) Define various terms for purposes of the Pharmacy Practice Act and related statutes; (2) provide for advanced pharmacy technician endorsements and the registration of clerks; (4) authorize pharmacists and advanced pharmacy technicians to dispense drugs in compliance packaging; (5) empower the Commission of Pharmacy to take disciplinary action against certain persons who accept, for return to general inventory or regular stock, any drug that has been sold or delivered to a patient; (6) provide that an individual who is enrolled in an accredited pharmacy technician education program may, in certain circumstances, act as a pharmacy technician; (7) enable the department to take certain actions concerning pharmacy technicians without authorization by the commission; (8) provide that a pharmacist may order and administer certain vaccines; and (9) make minor, technical and conforming changes to various statutes concerning regulation of prescription drugs and related professions.

Introduced by:
General Law Committee

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 2/16/2024Public Hearing 02/20
 2/15/2024Referred to Joint Committee on General Law

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