Substitute for Raised S.B. No. 416
Session Year 2021


To (1) make information in the Department of Developmental Services' abuse and neglect registry available to the Department of Administrative Services, (2) allow the Commissioner of Developmental Services or a Department of Developmental Services regional or training school director to consent to emergency medical treatment for an individual under the custody or control of the department, (3) restrict legal representatives of persons with intellectual disabilities from accessing abuse and neglect reports when the legal representative is the alleged perpetrator of such abuse or neglect or is residing with the alleged perpetrator, (4) update the membership of the Camp Harkness Advisory Committee, and (5) excuse the Department of Developmental Services from assessments of individuals in the context of a review of guardianship by the Probate Court where the department has previously determined that such individual does not have intellectual disability.

Introduced by:
Public Health Committee

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 7/7/2021Signed by the Governor
 6/28/2021Transmitted by Secretary of the State to Governor
 6/28/2021Transmitted to the Secretary of State
 6/24/2021(LCO)Public Act 21-135
 6/9/2021In Concurrence
 6/9/2021House Passed
 5/21/2021House Calendar Number 525
 5/21/2021Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
 5/19/2021On Consent Calendar
 5/19/2021Senate Passed
 3/9/2021(LCO)File Number 34
 3/9/2021Senate Calendar Number 57
 3/9/2021Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 3/9/2021(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/2/2021(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 03/08/21 5:00 PM
 2/22/2021(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 2/22/2021(PH)Joint Favorable Substitute
 2/4/2021Public Hearing 02/08
 1/26/2021Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health

Co-sponsors of SB-416

Sen. Catherine A. Osten, 19th Dist.

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