Proposed H.B. No. 5702
Session Year 2023


To allow incarcerated individuals to vote.

Introduced by:
Rep. Josh Elliott, 88th Dist.
Rep. Tom Arnone, 58th Dist.
Rep. Aimee Berger-Girvalo, 111th Dist.
Rep. Brandon Chafee, 33rd Dist.
Rep. Aundre Bumgardner, 41st Dist.
Rep. Michael D'Agostino, 91st Dist.
Rep. Corey P. Paris, 145th Dist.
Rep. Geoff Luxenberg, 12th Dist.
Sen. Rick Lopes, 6th Dist.
Rep. Geraldo C. Reyes, 75th Dist.
Rep. Christine Palm, 36th Dist.
Rep. David Michel, 146th Dist.
Rep. Susan M. Johnson, 49th Dist.
Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw, 17th Dist.
Rep. Maryam Khan, 5th Dist.
Rep. Patricia A. Dillon, 92nd Dist.
Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, 18th Dist.
Rep. Anne M. Hughes, 135th Dist.

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Co-sponsors for Amendment LCO:

Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 3/2/2023Public Hearing 03/06
 2/6/2023(GAE)Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing
 1/18/2023Referred to Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections

Co-sponsors of HB-5702

Rep. Roland J. Lemar, 96th Dist.

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