Proposed H.B. No. 5338
Session Year 2021


To: (1) Direct the Comptroller to ensure that the state employee and partnership plans are (A) examined by (i) certified actuaries, and (ii) the Auditors of Public Accounts, and (B) secured by stop-loss coverage; (2) subject the state employee and partnership plans to (A) the same requirements that apply to other group health plans, including, but not limited to, (i) prior rate review and approval by the Insurance Department for the partnership plan, and (ii) a required medical loss ratio of at least eighty per cent, and (B) the Finance Advisory Committee process for any transfer of state funds to support any losses incurred by the state employee or partnership plan; and (3) require the Auditors of Public Accounts to report, at least annually, to the Office of Policy and Management, the Insurance Department and the Office of Health Strategy (A) regarding the financial solvency of the state employee, partnership and municipal employee health insurance plans, and (B) the name of, services rendered by and financial arrangements with any consultant engaged by the Comptroller to support the state employee, partnership and municipal employee health insurance plans.

Introduced by:
Rep. Cara Christine Pavalock-D'Amato, 77th Dist.
Rep. Jason Perillo, 113th Dist.

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 Date Action Taken
 1/22/2021Referred to Joint Committee on Insurance and Real Estate

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