Substitute for Raised S.B. No. 1017
Session Year 2021


To (1) make permanent the use of absentee ballot drop boxes initially used during the 2020 election cycle, (2) bring certain state laws relating to the circulation of nominating and primary petitions into compliance with federal case law, (3) in the case of nominations for judges of probate and members of Congress, reduce the time by which a person other than a party-endorsed candidate can file a candidacy for nomination in order for a primary to be held, (4) require the Secretary of the State to develop a system through which election-related forms can be signed electronically, (5) include absentee ballot central counting locations in post-election audits of voting districts, (6) allow the Secretary to suspend supervised absentee voting during certain emergencies, (7) require the Secretary to review local election officials' implementation of redistricting plans, (8) require the Secretary to provide accessible absentee ballots to certain visually impaired electors, (9) require all municipal elections to be held in November, and (10) allow the Governor to issue writs of election electronically.

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