Substitute for S.B. No. 2
Session Year 2021


To (1) establish a youth suicide prevention training program, (2) require certain licensed health care professionals to complete mental health and suicide screening and prevention training, (3) permit minors to receive more than six outpatient mental health treatment sessions without the consent of a parent or guardian, (4) require local and regional boards of education to integrate the principles and practices of social-emotional learning into programs of professional development and statements of educational goals, (5) permit parents to attend parent-teacher conferences remotely, (6) require additional parent-teacher conferences during periods when a school district conducts school sessions remotely, (7) require the provision of information by teachers concerning safety, mental health and food insecurity during such conferences, (8) permit local and regional boards of education to provide instruction to high school students remotely and prohibit such boards from deeming absent a student who attends school remotely, (9) require local and regional boards of education to permit students to take up to four mental health wellness days per school year, (10) require the collection of adverse childhood experiences data by local and regional boards of education and the Department of Education, (11) require the Commissioner of Children and Families to provide children in the care and custody of the commissioner remote visitation opportunities in lieu of in-person visitation, in the event of a pandemic or outbreak of communicable disease, (12) require the Commissioner of Children and Families to develop a policy requiring the cessation of in-person visitation on a case-by-case basis in the event that such visitation could result in the contraction of a communicable disease by one or more participants, (13) expand the operation of the Department of Children and Families telephone Careline to accommodate the receipt and provision of information concerning child abuse and neglect by text message, (14) require the Commissioner of Children and Families to provide certain notice to parents and guardians in the event that the commissioner is considering removal of a child from the home, and the services of a translator, if necessary, during any meeting to discuss such removal, (15) require the Commissioner of Early Childhood to develop and implement a plan to expand the birth-to-three program to provide early intervention services to children five years of age and under and eliminate parent fees for such services, (16) require the Commissioner of Education to establish an Internet access grant program for local and regional boards of education to provide students, educators and staff with Internet access during school sessions that are conducted remotely, and (17) establish a task force to study the comprehensive needs of children in the state.

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