Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 6646
Session Year 2021


To (1) permit any owner of a residential building with a foundation made with defective concrete to obtain a reassessment of such building which shall remain valid until such foundation is repaired or replaced, (2) eliminate the termination date of the captive insurance company established pursuant to section 38a-91vv of the general statutes, (3) require quarries that produce aggregate for use in concrete to annually prepare a geological source report, (4) require the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to adopt regulations concerning standards for the testing of aggregate produced by quarries for use in concrete, (5) authorize the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority to make loans to the captive insurance company, and (6) require the captive insurance company to submit a report concerning the damage caused by the presence of pyrrhotite to the concrete foundations of nonresidential buildings in the state.

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  Building materials 


  Captive insurance companies 

  Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) 

  Consumer Protection Department 


  Freedom of information 


  Homeowners' insurance 

  Loans by the state 


  Public records 




  State funds 


  State regulations, specific 


  Valuation and revaluation