Substitute for Raised H.B. No. 5416
Session Year 2024


To (1) include the Greek genocide as part of the Holocaust and genocide education and awareness curriculum, (2) require the Department of Education to develop a plan to replace the current state-wide mastery examination, (3) allow teachers employed by Goodwin University Magnet Schools, Inc. or Goodwin University Educational Services, Inc. to be considered continuously employed, (4) amend the way crisis response drills are conducted in schools, (5) require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to study the efficacy of crisis response drills, (6) include the town of Madison in the open choice program, (7) require receiving boards of education to include open choice grants in proposed revenue statements, (8) require the State Board of Education to study the method of addressing racial imbalances, (9) specify that the training program for administration of emergency first aid to students experiencing an allergic reaction is for students who do not have prior medical or parental authorization, (10) prohibit boards of education from requiring parental involvement as a condition for enrollment of students in a public school, (11) require regional community-technical colleges to consult with counselors and administrators at public high schools to establish partnerships, (12) allow providers of child care services that are exempt from licensing to administer epinephrine for the purposes of emergency first aid, (13) require the special education task force to administer a survey to special education teachers, paraeducators, administrators and parents or guardians of students receiving special education, and (14) require the Department of Education to notify each town of an estimate of the equalization aid grant amount such town may receive during the next fiscal year.

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