Raised H.B. No. 5410
Session Year 2020


To (1) provide exemptions for communications that clearly identify the Governor or President of the United States and for campaign training conducted by party committees, (2) permit the use of Citizens' Election Program grant funds to offset dependent care costs, (3) increase transparency with respect to moneys paid to campaign consultants, (4) increase disclosure of independent expenditures and prohibit such expenditures by foreign-influenced entities, (5) reveal persons behind political committees and contributors to such committees, (6) revise the manner in which the State Elections Enforcement Commission processes complaints, (7) require online platforms to disclose purchasers of political advertisements, (8) ensure the amount of funds in the Citizens' Election Fund is sufficient to provide grants to each qualified candidate committee under the Citizens' Election Program, (9) create bright lines between coordinated and independent spending, (10) permit members of the State Elections Enforcement Commission to serve more than two consecutive terms, and (11) permit gubernatorial candidates participating in the Citizens' Election Program to raise additional funds and qualify for supplemental grants.

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