Raised H.B. No. 5366
Session Year 2020


To: (1) Cap aggregate monthly cost-sharing for prescription drugs covered under certain individual and group health insurance policies; (2) cap the cost of generic drugs in this state; (3) require the Commissioner of Consumer Protection to submit a request to the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement a Canadian prescription drug reimportation program in this state and, if the secretary approves such request, implement such program in this state; (4) require pharmaceutical manufacturers to send notice to the Insurance Commissioner regarding "pay-for-delay" agreements, and require health carriers and pharmacy benefits managers to reduce the cost of brand name prescription drugs that are the subject of such agreements; (5) establish a Critical Drug Shortage Review Board; and (6) limit the circumstances in which a health carrier may remove a prescription drug from a drug formulary or list of covered drugs, or move a prescription drug to a different cost-sharing tier, during a plan year.

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