State of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts

Goal and Mission

About the Auditors

Our Goal

The goal of the office of the Auditors of Public Accounts (APA) is to serve the public interest regarding fiscal and compliance matters related to the State of Connecticut. To accomplish this goal, the APA provides independent, unbiased and objective opinions and recommendations on the operation of state government and the state's effectiveness in safeguarding resources.

The APA strives to assist state agencies in achieving effective fiscal management. Further, the APA reports on the integrity of the state's financial statements and reports whether federal funds provided to the state are used in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. To further define this goal, the APA has developed the following mission statement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the APA encompasses the following elements:

  • Attesting to the fair presentation of the state's financial statements including certificates of audit, as required.

  • Performing the Statewide Single Audit of federal programs in accordance with the federal Single Audit Act.

  • Determining whether the state's resources are properly safeguarded.

  • Determining whether such resources are properly and prudently used.

  • Determining an audited agency's compliance with legal requirements.

  • Evaluating management's economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in using the resources available to the audited agency.

  • Evaluating a program's results, including consideration of costs and benefits.

  • Ensuring that all audit results are disclosed to the public.

  • Investigating whistleblower matters.