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The Office of Program Review and Investigations is the nonpartisan staff office that supports the oversight work of the bipartisan Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee. At the direction of the committee, PRI staff examines state programs and systems to determine efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with legislative purposes, and whether corrective actions, modification, or elimination are necessary.

The Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee met January 8, 2016, to raise bills based on several recommendations from three recently completed 2015 studies: Health Information Privacy at Selected State Agencies, Apprenticeship Programs and Workforce Needs, and Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Advocacy and Assistance, Also raised was a bill to outlaw drone weaponization, originating from the 2014 PRI study titled Drone Use Regulation.

Earlier on January 15, 2016, PRI submitted a report on dealer conveyance fees charged by new and used car dealers to the Transportation Committee, as required by Section 428 of PA 15-5 (JSS).

Two studies are currently underway: a study on Hartford region public school choice programs, approved in September 2015 and anticipated to conclude in March 2016; and a study on the use of the Hartford-Brainard Airport. PRI is also in the process of selecting new study topics.

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