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The Office of Program Review and Investigations is the nonpartisan staff office that supports the oversight work of the bipartisan Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee. At the direction of the committee, PRI staff examines state programs and systems to determine efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with legislative purposes, and whether corrective actions, modification, or elimination are necessary.

A useful overview of PRI’s work may be found in Value of Oversight. See also July 2016 update.

2016 Legislative Session Results

Recommendations from three PRI studies were enacted into law by:

  • P.A. 16-68 (re: the veterans’ advocacy and assistance program)
  • P.A. 16-114 (re: state apprenticeship program), and
  • P.A. 16-44 (re: higher education certificate programs). (See 2016 legislative summary for details)

For a fourth study about health information privacy, two agencies committed to improve their records privacy protection programs in lieu of legislation.

Also, the House passed a bill to prohibit the weaponization of drones and clarify law enforcement use, based on a 2014 PRI study of drone regulation requested by Judiciary Committee members, with significant coordination between the Public Safety Committee and PRI. The Senate did not take the bill up. This was a reversal from the year before, when the Senate passed a PRI drone bill but the House did not take that bill up.

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