Eyewitness Identification Task Force

Substitute House Bill No. 6344, Public Act No. 11-252 established an Eyewitness Identification Task Force to study issues concerning eyewitness identification in criminal investigations and the use of sequential live and photo lineups. The task force shall examine: (1) The science of sequential methods of conducting a live lineup and a photo lineup, (2) the use of sequential lineups in other states, (3) the practical implications of a state law mandating sequential lineups, and (4) such other topics as the task force deems appropriate relating to eyewitness identification and the provision of sequential lineups.

Documents and Meetings

  Wellesley Police Department Procedures  

  Middlesex District Attorney's Office Guidelines and Forms  

  Dallas, Texas Eyewitness Identification Procedures  

  October 4, 2012   

  January 12, 2012   

  December 13, 2011   

  November 30, 2011   

  November 16, 2011   

  November 2, 2011   

  October 19, 2011   

  September 21, 2011