TITLE 46a*


*Cited. 238 C. 337.

Chapter 812 Secs. 46a-1 to 46a-6 Commission on the Status of Women
Chapter 813 Secs. 46a-7 to 46a-13a Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Chapter 813a Secs. 46a-13b to 46a-13s Office of the Victim Advocate. Office of the Child Advocate
Chapter 814 Secs. 46a-14 to 46a-26 Protection of the Elderly (See Chapter 319h, Part II)
Chapter 814a Secs. 46a-27 to 46a-40 Deaf, Deafblind and Hearing Impaired Persons
Chapter 814b Secs. 46a-41 to 46a-50 Mobility Impaired Persons
Chapter 814c Secs. 46a-51 to 46a-125 Human Rights and Opportunities
Chapter 814d Secs. 46a-126 to 46a-149 Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity Concerning Children
Chapter 814e Secs. 46a-150 to 46a-169 Physical Restraint, Medication and Seclusion of Persons Receiving Care, Education or Supervision in a School, Institution or Facility
Chapter 814f Sec. 46a-170 Trafficking in Persons Council
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