Chapter 528 Secs. 29-1 to 29-1yy Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Chapter 529 Secs. 29-1zz to 29-38p Division of State Police
Chapter 530 Secs. 29-39 to 29-108 Fire Marshals and Fire Hazards (See Chapter 541, Part II)
Chapter 530a Secs. 29-108a to 29-108i Connecticut Humane Society
Chapter 531 Secs. 29-109 to 29-128f Motion Pictures
Chapter 532 Secs. 29-129 to 29-143h Amusements and Exhibitions
Chapter 532a Secs. 29-143i to 29-143aa Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts
Chapter 533 Secs. 29-144 to 29-152d Professional Bondsmen
Chapter 533a Secs. 29-152e to 29-152t Bail Enforcement Agents
Chapter 534 Secs. 29-152u to 29-161aa Private Detectives and Security Services
Chapter 535 Secs. 29-162 to 29-164e New England State Police Compact
Chapter 535a Secs. 29-164f to 29-164g National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact
Chapter 536 Secs. 29-165 to 29-179i Organized Crime Investigative Task Force. Regional Narcotics Squads and Coordinating Committee
Chapter 537 Secs. 29-180 to 29-190 Connecticut Justice Commission
Chapter 538 Secs. 29-191 to 29-200 Elevators, Escalators and Lifts
Chapter 538a Secs. 29-201 to 29-220 Passenger Tramways
Chapter 539 Secs. 29-221 to 29-230 Operators of Cranes or Hoisting Equipment
Chapter 540 Secs. 29-231 to 29-249 Boilers and Water Heaters
Chapter 541 Secs. 29-250 to 29-449 Building, Fire and Demolition Codes. Fire Marshals and Fire Hazards. Safety of Public and Other Structures
Chapter 541a Secs. 29-450 to 29-453a Public Safety: General Provisions
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