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Terrorism and Natural Disasters

VIDEO: Connecticut child-care providers and emergency preparedness

The Commission's Mary Kate Lowndes talks about efforts to coordinate emergency preparedness among day-care providers and government agencies. Recorded June 5, 2014.

Guide coverConnecticut Guide to Emergency Preparedness

This 12-page guide from the state Department of Public Health (DPH) tells how to prepare for everything from hurricanes to influenza pandemics. Available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Vietnamese. Dowload it from the DPH website, where there's also a video for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Connecticut's disaster planning must now address the safety of children

On July 1, 2011 Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed into law legislation that brings child safety into the state's civil preparedness planning. The law requires the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) to expand the state's civil preparedness program to include planning and activities aimed at ensuring the safety of children and youth in the event of disaster or terrorism. Summary of the law (PDF) | Text and history of the law

Emergency Preparedness & Family Safety in Connecticut

In light of recent disasters like the earthquakes and resulting nuclear-reactor emergency in Japan, the Commission on Children held a forum on May 10, 2011 to address what steps Connecticut needs to take to protect its children and families in the event of similar disasters. The event also included a discussion of pending legislation--Senate Bill 983, An Act Concerning Children Affected by Disaster and Terrorism-that would require the state to address the needs of children in its civil preparedness planning. Meeting video and documents

Children in Natural and Unnatural Disasters: Are We Prepared?

That question was the focus of a Commission forum held on September 14, 2010 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. A panel of experts discussed Connecticut's readiness to protect children from various kinds of disaster. Meeting video and documents

Children and the Fifth Anniversary of 9-11

To mark the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Connecticut Commission on Children and the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) held a presentation on how the attacks -- along with other recent disasters, like Hurricane Katrina -- have affected children.

Children in the Wake of Terrorism and Natural Disaster

More than 260 students from across Connecticut visited the halls of state government on January 24, 2006, to express how they felt about their personal safety, especially in light of events like September 11 and Hurricane Katrina. Visit this page

An Act Concerning Civil Preparedness and the Needs of Children

Special Act 02-8, adopted by the General Assembly and signed by the governor on April 22, 2002, requires the state Office of Policy and Management to report on planning and activities for children and youth as part of homeland preparedness and emergency planning. Download the PDF

Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Published by the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS). Download the PDF  Visit the DEMHS site

Pillars of Hope, Country of Pride

Quotes from student writing about the September 11 attacks, presented on January 14, 2003. Download the PDF

Children in the Wake of Terrorism: One Year Later

A 2002 report from the Commission. Download the PDF

Children in the Wake of Terrorism

A 2001 report from the Commission. Download the PDF

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

This organization, established in 1999 at the Yale Child Study Center by the U.S. Department of Justice, posted several helpful articles for parents and educators in the wake of the September 11 attacks, including: "Helping Children in the Wake of Disaster," "In the Aftermath of Terrorism: A Summary," and "A Parent's Guide to Talking to Children About War." Visit this site

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