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2008 Connecticut Index of Social Health
The Connecticut Index of Social Health, published annually since 1994, provides an overview of the social health of the state, based on 11 indicators of social well-being. The 2008 edition was issued on November 20, at a forum where the authors explained it and an expert panel reacted to it. The Index is produced by the Connecticut General Assembly, the Commission on Children, and the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund. Read more about the 2008 Index here.

Click on thumbnails to view photos in full size. All photos by Pat Estill.

The event began with the honoring of retiring Representative Christel H. Truglia of Stamford for her many years of work on behalf of children in the state legislature.
Sen. Jonathan Harris and Rep. Christel Truglia Senator Jonathan Harris of West Hartford, co-chairman of the legislature's Human Services Committee and a member of the Commission on Children, thanks Representative Truglia.
Sarah Meadows Sarah O. Meadows, Ph.D., who constructed the Index with Rebecca Casciano Pearson, M.A., Kenneth C. Land, Ph.D., and Vicki Lamb, Ph.D., gave an overview of the findings.


David Nee David M. Nee, executive director of the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund, introduced Dr. Meadows.
Abbey Anderson Abbey Anderson, executive director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, was among those asked to respond to the findings.
Sarah Hilding Sarah Hilding also served on the response panel, giving the viewpoint of a young person.

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