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Reading at All Costs

A public forum held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, September 24, 2013. Sponsored by the Connecticut Commission on Children, the Connecticut Achievement Gap Task Force, and the state legislature's Black & Puerto Rican Caucus.

forum panelists

At the lecturn: Patrick A. Corvington, senior fellow at the Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

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Two national experts on the achievement gap in reading joined state officials, business leaders, educators, and parents for a comprehensive look at where Connecticut stands in its long struggle to ensure all of its students can read. The forum was sponsored by the Commission, the state's Achievement Gap Task Force, and the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus of the state legislature.


Courtesy of the Connecticut Network (CT-N). Total running time: 3 hours, 23 minutes. Visit the CT-N website to buy a DVD or check the TV schedule.

Agenda and PowerPoint presentations

I. Welcome/Introductions: State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield

II. Presentations:

Patrick A. Corvington, Senior Fellow, Campaign for Grade Level Reading:
"The Impact of the Reading Gap on the Family, Ccommunity, and Business"

Dr. Barbara Foorman, Professor of Education and Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University: "What the Research Tells Us, the Possible Public Policy Remedies, and Systems Change in Reading"

PDF icon Dr. Foorman's PowerPoint

Joseph McGee, Vice President, Business Council of Fairfield County: "The Cost of Reading Failure, and Why Business Cares About It"

Dr. James W. Schmotter, President, Western Connecticut State University: "We Both Own This Problem—Letís Work Together"

Dr. Margie Gillis, President, Literacy How, and Dr. Michael D. Coyne, Associate Professor and Research Scientist, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut: "Model Innovations in Reading Excellence: Selected Practices in Connecticut"

PDF icon Dr. Gillis' PowerPoint

PDF icon Dr. Coyne's PowerPoint

Stefan Pryor, Commissioner, State Department of Education: "Reform in Reading Instruction"

School Leaders and Teachers on What Schools Need to Excel in Reading

- Dr. Tally Negroni, Grants Administrator, Norwalk Public Schools

- Monica Brase, Principal, Burns Latino Studies Academy, Hartford

- Ellen Delgado, Reading Coach, Norris School, East Hartford

- Catherine Aillon-Pomo, Teacher, North Windham Elementary School, Wincham

- Sandra Malmquist, Director, Connecticut Childrenís Museum and the Creating Kids program

PDF icon Ms. Malmquist's PowerPoint

- Dr. Laura Raynolds, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education and Reading, Southern Connecticut State University

The Family View

- Allison Quirion, Parent

- Nitza Diaz, Parent Educator and Consultant, State Education Resource Center (SERC)

- Other selected parents and students

III. Open Discussion

IV. Closing/Next Steps


More resources

Connecticut Achievement Gap Task Force

The Black & Puerto Rican Caucus of the Connecticut General Assembly on Facebook


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