Chapter 815 Court Proceedings in Family Relations Matters
Secs. 46b-1, 46b-1a & 46b-6a
Chapter 815a Orders of Protection and Relief
Secs. 46b-15, 46b-15c, 46b-15e, 46b-15f & 46b-16a
Chapter 815e Marriage
Secs. 46b-25, 46b-38a, 46b-38b & 46b-38c
Chapter 815j Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation and Annulment
Secs. 46b-45a, 46b-51, 46b-54, 46b-55, 46b-56, 46b-56c, 46b-60, 46b-61, 46b-62, 46b-65, 46b-66, 46b-84 & 46b-86
Chapter 815t Juvenile Matters
Secs. 46b-120, 46b-121, 46b-124, 46b-127, 46b-129, 46b-132a, 46b-133, 46b-133n, 46b-133o, 46b-133p, 46b-140a, 46b-141d, 46b-146 & 46b-148
Chapter 815y Paternity Matters
Secs. 46b-160, 46b-161, 46b-162, 46b-165, 46b-166, 46b-167, 46b-168, 46b-168a, 46b-169, 46b-170, 46b-171, 46b-172, 46b-172a, 46b-179, 46b-179a, 46b-179b, 46b-179c & 46b-179d
Chapter 816 Support
Secs. 46b-215, 46b-215b, 46b-218, 46b-231 & 46b-236
Chapter 818 Connecticut Parentage Act
Secs. 46b-450, 46b-451, 46b-452, 46b-453, 46b-454, 46b-458, 46b-459, 46b-460, 46b-461, 46b-462, 46b-463, 46b-464, 46b-465, 46b-466, 46b-467, 46b-468, 46b-469, 46b-470, 46b-471, 46b-472, 46b-473, 46b-474, 46b-475, 46b-476, 46b-477, 46b-478, 46b-479, 46b-480, 46b-481, 46b-482, 46b-483, 46b-484, 46b-485, 46b-486, 46b-487, 46b-488, 46b-489, 46b-490, 46b-491, 46b-495, 46b-496, 46b-497, 46b-498, 46b-499, 46b-500, 46b-501, 46b-502, 46b-503, 46b-504, 46b-505, 46b-509, 46b-510, 46b-511, 46b-512, 46b-513, 46b-514, 46b-515, 46b-516, 46b-517, 46b-521, 46b-522, 46b-523, 46b-524, 46b-525, 46b-526, 46b-527, 46b-528, 46b-529, 46b-530, 46b-531, 46b-532, 46b-533, 46b-534, 46b-535, 46b-536, 46b-537, 46b-538, 46b-542, 46b-543, 46b-544, 46b-545, 46b-546, 46b-547, 46b-551, 46b-552 & 46b-553
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