Chapter 556 Labor Department
Secs. 31-2, 31-2d, 31-2e, 31-3a, 31-3b, 31-3c, 31-3g, 31-3h, 31-3i, 31-3j, 31-3k, 31-3l, 31-3m, 31-3n, 31-3o, 31-3p and 31-3q, 31-3r, 31-3u, 31-3w, 31-3cc, 31-3dd, 31-3ff, 31-3ii, 31-3oo, 31-3pp, 31-3rr, 31-3yy & 31-3zz
Chapter 556a Workforce Development
Secs. 31-11m, 31-11o, 31-11p, 31-11q and 31-11r, 31-11s, 31-11t, 31-11ff to 31-11jj, 31-11rr, 31-11ss, 31-11tt & 31-11uu
Chapter 557 Employment Regulation
Secs. 31-22m, 31-22n, 31-22o, 31-22s, 31-22u, 31-40q, 31-40w, 31-40z, 31-40aa, 31-40bb, 31-49g, 31-49p, 31-51i, 31-51kk, 31-51pp, 31-51qq, 31-51rr, 31-53, 31-53a, 31-53d, 31-54, 31-57y, 31-57z & 31-57aa
Chapter 558 Wages
Secs. 31-71a, 31-71f, 31-71l, 31-75, 31-76i & 31-76n
Chapter 560 Board of Mediation and Arbitration
Sec. 31-98
Chapter 567 Unemployment Compensation
Secs. 31-222, 31-225a, 31-230, 31-231a, 31-235, 31-236 & 31-237
Chapter 568 Workers' Compensation Act
Secs. 31-275, 31-275d, 31-276a, 31-280a, 31-283f, 31-290a, 31-294d, 31-294i, 31-294k, 31-296, 31-298, 31-298a, 31-304, 31-306, 31-308, 31-349, 31-354 & 31-355a
Chapter 569a Department of Economic and Community Development: Job Innovation and Development. Minijobs
Sec. 31-362b
Chapter 574 Connecticut Retirement Security Authority. Connecticut Retirement Security Exchange
Sec. 31-426
Chapter 577 Miscellaneous Provisions
Sec. 31-900
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